Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Baby Brother's Nursery!!

I can't even tell you how happy I am to have our little man here!  I unfortunately am sick the entire time I am pregnant, YUCK!!  So, to keep myself distracted I refinished/made most things in his nursery. 

 We added more moldings to the walls and I resprayed the entire room as my daughter managed to do a number on it.  

We hallowed out the window seat in this room for much needed added storage (tutorial here)

I made all of his bedding, the quilt is made from Blake Riley's Scoot line.
My husband even convinced me to learn how to baste and free motion quilt!  I am glad I did, I really enjoyed it!  (tutorial here)

I had the white shelf made a few years ago, and I added vintage water spicket to the bead board.  
The other toys I found various places, I figured since this is our first boy he would appreciate playing with something other than princesses!

I refinished the dresser, and replaced the top as well (full post here)

I made the signs above his crib out of left over wood in the garage and I hand painted each sign using graphite transfer paper (tutorial here)

All of the pillows were made for scraps left over from the quilt and bed skirt. 

This nursery was so fun to put together and yes it helped keep me sane while I was pregnant!!



Monday, August 18, 2014

Replacing the Top of Baby Brothers Dresser & a Peek into the Nursery!

Yes, I know this dresser is a sight for sore eyes, but there is hope!  
I love all the details around the sides and look at those cute legs!! 
(secretly I wished people would say that about my legs ;) )

A dresser this cute can't be left behind!

I was hoping I could rip off the top layer of veneer and find an beautiful piece of wood...but I wasn't so lucky.  After many wasted hours I finally gave in and took the entire top off!!  I had seen many people replace tops, and it seemed easy enough, I had just never done it before so I was a bit hesitant to jump right in!  

I was planning to use pine planks and set them close enough to each other to help close any gaps, UNTIL...I found this awesome product at Lowes.

It is a pine panel that is already jointed together for you, all you have to do it cut it down to size.

After the top was cut down to size, I used Dark Walnut Stain by Minwax to stain the pine as I wanted it dark.  Once the stain dried I applied glue to the dresser and underside of the new top and placed it on the dresser.  Once it was in place I used my finish nailer to nail all 4 corners to give it added strength! 

And TADA.....His dresser is done and in use!  And yes we made sure to fill it up!!

I love how rich the top is against the green dresser!  

I sprayed the entire dresser and then I used a tintable oil based glaze.  Glazing is one of my favorite parts of refinishing furniture it can make or break any piece.  When done right glaze adds so much depth to a piece, it helps accent all the details and brings so much character!

I am so happy with how this dresser turned out, it is just perfect for Baby Brothers nursery!  

Sunday, July 6, 2014

Baby Brother is HERE!!!

Introducing Baby Brother!!!!

It feels like I have been pregnant and sick forever, but this little guy made it all worth it.  
I will be back up and going come August.  For right now I am soaking up the time with this little guy as it goes way too fast.  

I hope everyone is enjoying their summer!!!



Friday, June 20, 2014

Fresh and Bright Pillow Envelopes FOR SALE!!

I have handmade all of these pillow envelopes with designer quilt fabric. The approximate finished size of each pillow cover is a bit smaller to give your pillow insert a nice, plump look. Please see picture below for envelope closure in the back. Insert NOT included.

I have listed the sizes for each pillow style with the price. I am willing to ship these for $3 for the first pillow envelope and $1 for each after that.

Blue Flowers
18x18 with cream back $10
18x18 $10
12x12 $7

Green Leaves
18x18 $10
16x16 $9
20x20 $11

16 x 16 $9
24x24 $12

Cream with White Felt Flower
14x14 $9

Cream with Burlap Flower
14x14 $9

Please Email me at Brooke.n.larsen@gmail.com if interested!!  

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

An Ariel Theme Party For Our Little Princess!

Oh Wow, it has been way too long since I have blogged!  I am becoming a terrible slacker!  But the good news is I am now 37 weeks pregnant and hoping to meet this little man any day now! 

Today was my baby girls 3rd Birthday, my how they grow up too fast.  She has always been my little buddy and I just love spending time with her.  Her sweet little smile always melts my heart!

She wanted an Ariel themed birthday so of course I had to go a little over board and bake all the goodies I was craving!

First up are these mini cupcakes with just a hint of cream cheese frosting....mmmmmm

Then delicious chocolate cupcakes also with cream cheese frosting, my favorite!
I was super lucky to find these cupcake toppers at Dollar Tree!

And a delicious ice cream cake complete with Ariel and her crown!  

Some how I missed taking pictures of the cake pops which were also chocolate dipped in purple white chocolate frosting.  My mouth is watering all over again it was DELICIOUS!!!

I would say the party was a success.  I love having summer birthdays, it is always so fun to enjoy family and friends company over some good food.  



Thursday, May 15, 2014

Queen/Full Bed Nightstand and Pillows Up For Grabs!!

It has been awhile since I have painted such a fun retro piece!  

I debated and debated on how to paint this queen bed, and finally it spoke to me!  It wanted to match those fun pillows!  Great color choice wouldn't you say?  I love grays and yellows together and with a touch of cream it balances everything out!

 These pillows are made from Amy Butlers quilting fabric.  I love her designs!!

  The back large pillow is 18x18 the 2 middle pillows are 16x16 and the front mink pillow is 14x14.  

This 2 drawer night stand is the perfect addition to this fun bed, and I love the retro hardware to go with it!

Here is a little peak at what the bed looks like with out the pillows.

This bedroom set and pillow envelopes are for sale!  For more information please see my Furniture For Sale tab at the top of the page!



Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Old Chest, New Life!

This little chest had defiantly seen better day when I got her home.  Often times when I haul a piece home my husband will give me one of those...are you out of your mind looks...this piece was no exception.  She was legless and half covered in paint!  But, I am a sucker for old chests and I love the fun little details that were still intact!  

After I got this chest home....my assumptions were true, the remaining paint on this chest was LEAD BASED!!  EEEKKKK!!  Being that I am pregnant I didn't want to take the risk of removing the paint myself, so my amazing husband and assistant came to the rescue and removed the paint for me...with a chemical stripper of course!  Once this piece was lead free it was mine turn to fix her up and give her a new life!

And I couldn't be happier with how she cleaned up.......

I lined the drawers with old sheet music to add a fun flare to the chest.

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