Friday, November 30, 2012

Tree decorations don't have to be expensive!

My friend came over to my house the other day and said, "Wow, that looks like a Martha Stewart tree."  I had to laugh and say "why thank you!"

I love this tree.  The best part is almost all the ornaments are either from the dollar store or the day after Christmas clearance!  Oh, don't forget the star on top from Lost and Found Thrift!

The big balls I bought at Tai Pan the day after Christmas, they were probably still there cause they were  orange, but a little spray paint can fix that!  I sprayed them red.  After the spray paint was dry I sprayed the ball with a spray adhesive and dumped glitter all over!!

Instead of wrapping my tinsel around the tree this year I randomly stuffed it in the tree as a filler!

Look at my cute model and of course helper.  

My fun green stars were also the day after Christmas steal, but the rest of the ornaments were all found at the dollar store!  Who would have thought you can decorate a tree from the dollar store?

Here is also a little peek at my center piece.  The pine cones are scented, they smell wonderful every time I walk by!

I am a sucker for glass filled with something, and christmas is no exception.




  1. I really like the idea of stuffing the tinsel garland into the tree. I may have to try that. Your tree looks great!!

  2. SOOOO cute! Your tree looks great and full looking. Your center piece is great too. I love how you used an old door so you can clear it all off at once. Gorgeous!

  3. Your decorations look wonderful! I love the huge balls.

  4. Love your tree and I also like your idea of stuffing the tinsel into the tree.

    Your table top decor' is so much fun, LOVE IT!


  5. It looks so Christmassy!! Fabuluous job on decorating!!

  6. You are so creative! Somethig I love about your blog is you show how to make things look AMAZING for super cheap! I love your tree and love the garland idea! It gives it a totally different look. LOVE IT!

  7. Awesome giant balls for Christmas tree. I am noticing a lot more decorations like this! I love it. Thanks for sharing!!!



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