Wednesday, January 18, 2012

2011 We Loved You!!

I have a love for photography.  A picture to me says a million words.  Needless to say I have tons (which translates to 1000's) of photos that just sit in my computer begging to be put to use.  As more children come there seems to be less and less time to scrapbook, which made me sad, as I love to look at scrapbooks.  

SO....for 2011 I made a 100 page book with as many events and pictures as I could squeeze in.  It is my way of journaling and recording all the amazing things that happened last year! 

As I said earlier I love to take pictures, our trip to Disneyland for Halloween resulted in 1500 pictures.  So I made a book for our trip to Disneyland as well!

I leave these books out on the coffee table, my girls love to look at them as well as guest that come to visit.  It is a great way to capture, in a mess free way, all the fun things that happen in a year!

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