Saturday, September 22, 2012

1920's Waterfall Dresser

Sometimes I look at a piece, like this one and I am at a lose for words.  Believe me that never happens.  I always have something to say and then some!  But it is just beautiful, the pictures say it all!!

What to say, what to say.....

I am not always a huge fan of waterfall dressers, but I loved this one when I saw it!  All the of details bring this piece to life!

This piece is painted in a teal/blue with cream trim! 
 I really wanted it to looked old, since it is!  I distressed it with my sander and then antiqued it a bit more with Dark Wax.
I have waxed it all with a clear hard wax for extra protection.  As I know this is important (my kids try to destroy add character to my furniture.)

This dresser is for sale, If you are interested please see my Furniture for sale page!





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