Monday, August 22, 2011

Our soon to be home!!

Hooray our soon to be house!!  I just fell in love with this house when we walked through it.  Even though everything is not my style.  I LOVE THE FLOOR PLAN and more importantly, as I found out, THE LOCATION.  This house seems to have space everywhere were I wanted it.  It has a Large Kitchen, Family Room, and Dining room.  It has a large master with 2 other bedrooms upstairs so I can keep the little ones close to me.    

I loved this house because I knew I could make it a home for our family and it seemed to have just enough work to be done to make a crafter like me so excited to dig in and make it just what I want!

I have created this blog as a journal of our house.  I love to see before and afters and sometimes it seems after you have worked so hard for so long you forget where you started!  Also you out there reading this...I am not a designer by any means I really just fly by the seat of my pants and try things out until I find what I love.  I would love to hear any feed back or ideas from anyone that would love to share...the more input and ideas the better something always seems to turn out.

And so the journey begins where to start....paint, lighting, molding, landscaping...ahhhh so much to do...and so so anxious to start!!!


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