Wednesday, January 15, 2014

A little black....

You may have noticed I don't usually paint something black, only on request!!  
I was reminded why I am not a huge fan of black on this piece!  
Now I do love the outcome of black, it is just getting there that seems to be my problem.

I am way too much of a perfectionist when painting and with black it shows EVERYTHING.  So as you can imagine I sanded and repainted this piece several times to get it just right.  However I did learn a little trick, if you are using latex paint try waxing instead of a clear coat, it shows less and is a little more forgiving!!

But my customer was very happy with this piece and so all the hard work was worth it!



Friday, January 10, 2014

A Beautiful Bedroom Set

One of the greatest things about blogging and selling furniture is I meet some pretty great people.  The lady I did this set for I meet awhile back and have now refinished several things different pieces for her.  Through it all we have become friends and love to keep in contact with each other!  Who would have thought right?
This set is for her daughter and goes with a dresser I previously refinished (post here)

I love the details on this bed, the glaze really made them pop!

I am so glad she wanted the top of this nightstand stained, it turned out beautiful and goes perfect with the dresser!

And this fun little chair adds so much character!  

I hope everyone is surviving this January, it has been cold here, but the snow makes is beautiful!  




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