Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Sofa Table


I found this table at Pebble & Twigs in Salt Lake City!  They have a beautiful consignment shop!  I love to go look around and often I find treasures like this table.  I was so excited to get this table home as there are so many details on this piece I really wanted to make stand out!


I sold my other couch table that used to sit on this wall, it was a little bare!   You can imagine how happy I was when I found this table, it is perfect for the space!

I found the vintage hardware at a thrift store and I love how they go together. 
Hardware is more important than you realize, it either makes or breaks a piece!   Too often I have brought home hardware that takes away from the piece more than it adds to the nature of the piece.

The details on this piece are AMAZING!  I painted them with a different color so they really stood out!
The blue is Annie Sloan's Duck Egg and the white is Old White.  I then sanded down the piece and highlighted it with Dark Wax.  I have become addicted to dark wax it is so much fun to antique with!       


Thursday, July 26, 2012

What a Fan FREAKING tastic Day

As I have sat here and read everyone else's blogs I started thinking about my own and then those thoughts turned to my day.  WOW, what a day.

I have been DE JUNKING, like a mad women, for our garage sale on Saturday, and really because I am tired of tripping over the all the crap I feel the need to horde.  I finally finished this afternoon, WOW what a nice feeling.

One of my Besties from high school was in town and came to visit.  It was so great to see her and talk.  She has the cutest little baby boy!  (hopefully I will get one of those one day, the boy part that is)

After she left my day REALLY began.....my husband found a dresser, not any old dresser but THE dresser I had to have.  I called the lady and she still had it!  I told her I would be there shortly (HA HA) I run upstairs to find my phone which was plugged into my charger but it wasn't there.  I am running through the house frantically.  I finally found it 10 minutes later, in the basement, in my daughters toy chest.  Yes, my 1 year old has a crazy obsession with phones.  So I THINK we are ready to go.  I get the girls in the car and my wallet is missing.  I start to search for it frantically, no luck, still haven't found it, I really hope it turns up soon.  Lucky for me my husband was almost home so he gives me cash and I am off to Salt Lake to pick up the dresser an hour later.
I am trying to find this lady's house and I get lost, all I could do at this point was laugh really.  I finally find her house, she takes me into her basement and there it stands, the MOST beautiful dresser I have ever seen.  It has got to be 100 years old, it has a mirror on the top and it is silver backed!  It is BEAUTIFUL.  I think I might really dream about it tonight!  Never in my wildest dreams have I ever imagined this Dresser (I will post pics tomorrow)

After I get the dresser home, I feed the kiddo's, because at this point it is 3 pm and we still hadn't had lunch.  Don't worry they got their favorite from Dairy Queen, which includes a blizzard.

After we ate it was off for more treasure hunting and I stopped by my new found favorite store, Lost and Found Thrift.  I found a few treasures and a dresser!!!  This store makes me feel like a little kid all over again!  I just love how excited I get!!!  It is helpful that I love the couple that runs it.  They are both so much fun to talk to.  And they are so willing to help and look for anything my heart desires.  Which sometimes is a little crazy.

Then out to dinner with my dad, which was delicious!

 And to top the day off I got my hair cut.  I love my hair stylist who does my hair at 9pm! she is so much fun to talk to.

Well it is late, I better get out of here.

Wish me luck finding my wallet!!!

Monday, July 23, 2012

Straight Painted Lines!!

How to get straight paint lines!!!

 Once you decide how big you want your strips, mine are 6 inches wide.  Get your tape measure, pencil, blue tape and level.

Measure over 6 inches with your tape measure and make a mark, then place your level right on your mark and move your level until your vertical line is straight.

Next run your blue tape right along the edge of your level.  This step can be tricky, I rested my level on my base to help steady it!

Once all of your tape is up run your finger along all the edges to insure the tape is good and stuck.  Now you want to paint the edges of your tape, where the other color will be, with the same color that is under the tape (below)  This helps to seal the tape, so if the paint does bleed it is the SAME color!!  Allow paint to fully dry!

Now paint your strips.  

As you can see I have a cute little helper.  She did great at staying between the lines.  She really is a mini me.  

 I applied 2 coats and removed the tape while the last coat was still wet.

And what do you get....STRAIGHT LINES!!!!!!!!!!  I am not going to lie, I was a little   scared to take the tape off.  But the results are awesome!

Friday, July 20, 2012

Half Bath DONE!!!

I finally found my before pictures!!!


It is so fun for me to look at Before and After pictures.  When things are all said and do you sometimes forget where you started!  

I love all the moldings my husband put up, the crown, chair rail, and casing around the window.  Who would think molding would make such a difference.  

I painted the lines below the chair rail, I was so scared to take the tape off in fear my lines would not be straight, but THEY ARE STRAIGHT!!!!
(TUTORIAL)   I keep running my hand over them to feel the nice straight lines!

  I love the clean lines of this vanity with the round vessel sink and mirror!  The light fixture was already there, I just spray painted it black!  Thank heavens for spray paint, it saves me lots of money :)

I have always wanted a wall with fun vintage frames!  This seemed like the perfect   spot for them, it really helps tie all the colors together.

I am so pleased with how this bathroom came together.  It is so inviting, it kind of makes me want to go to the bathroom!!  :)

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

My Hutches New Home

When I sell a piece I don't usually see it again, so you can imagine how fun it was to open my email and see what Misty has done with my hutch, okay I guess it is hers now she did buy it from me!  I love her milk glass cake stands!

Misty also has a blog...http://sticksinthemud.blogspot.com/ Check it out you can see her whole living room...I am drooling over her table it is absolutely beautiful!!

Thank you Misty!!


Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Made for a Princess, by a Princess

Every time I would finish a project I would ask my 3 year old, "what do you think?" Without fail she would respond, "I don't like it cause it is not PINK."   Spoken like a Princess right?!!??

Last week when she came to garage sales with me, when we bought this cute little night stand and she said "Mom, can this please be pink."  That being said this night stand is ready for a Princess!

The wording on the top is painted on and then distressed!

I am selling this piece, If you live in the Salt Lake city Utah Area and are interested send me an email!



Saturday, July 14, 2012

Yes, ANOTHER Table!!

I hope you are not getting tired of tables!

This table was super fun.  I tried a few new things, I was a little worried as I was working on it but I couldn't be happier with the outcome!

The chairs I dry brushed.  I think this is my new FAVORITE way to paint!  It is so much fun, and I don't have to worry about runs!!

Here is how I dried brushed,

My first coat was white primer.  I did a very light coat with the grain of the wood.

I then took my top coat of latex paint and with a tiny bit of paint on the brush, and I mean tiny, I brushed with the grain, while the paint was still workable I went back over it against the grain to cover up my brush marks.  As you can see it gets rid of any harsh lines but still allows the white to show through.

You can't tell too well in this picture but the decals are painted with Annie Sloan's Old Orche Chalk Paint.

The table is also painted with chalk paint, and the decals of the table are painted with the latex paint, I love the light contrast of the 2, it accents the beautiful designs just enough.  I then sanded everything down and glazed it.

This table is also for sale!  If you live in the Salt Lake City Area and you are interested send me an email




Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Another Table....

When my husband brought this table home to be refinished I was SO excited!  There is so much detail, it is just Beautiful!

I was a little worried about painting all the details, I didn't want to get too much paint in them or the glaze would not stay.  I used Kilz spray paint primer for the first coat it worked awesome.  I then painted it with 2 coats of Benjamin Moore's White Dove.  Once it was dry I brushed on the glaze!  I let the glaze sit for a bit (maybe a minute or so) in the the grooves and then wiped it off with baby wipes and the glaze stayed in the grooves perfectly!!  

I love how rich and rustic this table looks!  

My center piece is an old window with burlap in the middle!   
It seems to frame the center piece in perfectly!

This table is for sale.  If you live in the Salt Lake City Area and you are interest please send me an email Brooke.n.larsen@gmail.com

Thank you!


Thursday, July 5, 2012

Half Bath Progress

So the New vanity is finally installed!!  HOORAY!  

I am so frustrated, I took before pictures and do you think I can find them anywhere?  Of course not.  I got new software and I feel like my pictures are out of control!  So, when and IF I find it I will post the before.  

This bathroom is very small so I wanted something smaller for the space.  I have always loved vessel sinks on cute tables so when I saw this vanity I fell in LOVE.  

I chose a darker paint color to really make the vanity stand out and to create a warmer feeling!  

I am working on decorating, once the decorating is done I will take pictures of the WHOLE bathroom.  I am a little stumped....PINTEREST HERE I COME!!

I am just so excited the vanity is in the bathroom and not in the FAMILY room anymore!!!  



Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Secretarial Desk

When my husband brought me home this desk I was so excited!  I love all the decorative molding.  I love old desks they always have so much personality on their own.  

The Desk is painted with Annie Sloan's Chateau Gray...Yes I was surprised by the color when I first started painting it but I love the green tint to it.  The trim was painted with Annie Sloan's Old Orche!  Once everything was painted I got out the dark wax!  I love how the dark wax really antiques it and brings it too life!  

In my living room I have a desk in the center of the room and I LOVE IT!  I am sitting at it right now writing this!  (Living Room Post)

This piece is for sale, if you are interested and live in utah send me an email


Thank you!!


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