Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Sofa Table


I found this table at Pebble & Twigs in Salt Lake City!  They have a beautiful consignment shop!  I love to go look around and often I find treasures like this table.  I was so excited to get this table home as there are so many details on this piece I really wanted to make stand out!


I sold my other couch table that used to sit on this wall, it was a little bare!   You can imagine how happy I was when I found this table, it is perfect for the space!

I found the vintage hardware at a thrift store and I love how they go together. 
Hardware is more important than you realize, it either makes or breaks a piece!   Too often I have brought home hardware that takes away from the piece more than it adds to the nature of the piece.

The details on this piece are AMAZING!  I painted them with a different color so they really stood out!
The blue is Annie Sloan's Duck Egg and the white is Old White.  I then sanded down the piece and highlighted it with Dark Wax.  I have become addicted to dark wax it is so much fun to antique with!       



  1. oooh i love that! the color and share are just beautiful!

  2. That looks gorgeous, Brooke! But, I'm dying to see the most amazing dresser that you promised you'd post!.... ;)

  3. ...hey Brooke...that hardware looks a little familiar....

  4. WOW what a beautiful transformation!! Love it!



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