Wednesday, August 1, 2012

How I Refinish with Chalk Paint!

I have had a few questions about how I have used Annie Sloan's Chalk Paint.  I will try to answer them here.  If you still have a question don't hesitate to send me an email!

First the prep work, SO SO SO important.

With this paint you don't necessarily have to sand as this paint does stick to just about everything, however I would recommend at least a light sand with a very fine sand paper.  You want your surface to be clean and free of EVERYTHING.  Often times just wiping it down doesn't get everything off.

2-Wipe it down
After you have sanded it you want to make sure all the dust and anything else is off.  Make sure the surface it dry before starting to paint

3-Let the painting begin
Chalk paint is a lot of fun to paint with.  It does dry quickly so make sure you finish one area before moving on.  With most paint colors I only apply one coat.  I have found with the old white, old ochre and other lighter colors I have had to apply 2 coats.  If you have to apply 2 coats make sure the first coat is dry first.  There are a couple ways to tell if the paint is dry:
             1-wet chalk paint is a darker color
             2-the paint will have a chalk like feel when you run your hand over it
I don't really wait a certain amount of time before adding a second coat I just make sure it is dry.

After everything is painted...before any sanding or waxing!

Sanding with Chalk Paint is probably the biggest perk to this paint.  A lot of times when you sand down latex it can ball up but with chalk paint it sands off in the consistency of chalk, creating a nice smooth surface.  When I am sanding to antique I often think where would get more wear naturally occur.

(sanded and dark waxed I usually dark wax other the top of where I have sanded)

 Dark Wax
I have fallen in love with dark wax.  However this wax is quite unforgiving.  So practice on a small piece first.  (to explain this I probably need to do a video...but I am a little intimidated of cameras!)  If you hate the dark wax you can paint over it with chalk paint.  With the wax a little bit goes a LONG ways.  I would recommend playing with it...and maybe I will get enough guts to make a video!!

Clear Soft Wax

With chalk paint you don't have to wax, but when wiped down with a wet rag the paint does rub off.  So it is good to wax your piece protect the paint.  You paint soft wax on everywhere and let it dry.  When dry it will not be as stick to the touch.  Next you want to buff it with a rag to a shine.  I then wipe it down with pledge for added protection and shine.

and you are done!!  Enjoy your piece!!



  1. WOW!!! Thank goodness your doing this! LOL

  2. where do you buy chalk paint and where do you buy dark wax?

  3. Did you use "old white" and how much paint did you use? Thanks!



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