Saturday, August 11, 2012

1920's Waterfall Dresser

When I saw this dresser I HAD to have it.  It isn't everyday you find an old piece with this much detail.  It was very loved, it had a few names carved in it, nothing a good sanding couldn't fix!



I painted the whole dresser and carmel color first and then painted black over the top.  Once everything was dried I got out my sand paper and sanded the black down until the carmel color showed through!  I then used the carmel color to go back and really help accent the beautiful details of this dresser!

I loved this wood inlay and I didn't want to paint over it, so it was my color inspiration.  Yes, there are somethings I just can't bring myself to paint over.  Look how beautiful it is!!

I am selling this dresser check out my furniture for sale page at the top of my blog!!




  1. i love it! i just painted a very similar dresser- bakelite hardware and pretty details, waterfall and all! it will be on my blog tuesday if you want to see it, but they are so similar!

  2. I love it Brooke! It looks great!



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