Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Mark Your Calendars!!

As I confirm my vendors I will feature them on here!!  I am excited to be part of this!!

Friday, February 15, 2013

A splash of color

When we redid our kitchen I really wanted tone on tone, mainly because I wanted to be able to change my colors in and out easily without having to rip my kitchen part again.  I am convinced the kitchen is one of the worst renovations, you never realize how much you are in it until they take your countertops and sink!!

I recently ordered these spools, and I love the turquoise ones.  
I also love blue mason jars (which are really kind of turquoise)
These 2 are the color inspiration for my kitchen.  I took them to the paint store and found a color that matched almost perfect.......and......

I painted my mismatched barstools to match!  I love how the turquoise looks with my granite!

I tried a new glazing technique with these barstools, which I really liked.  I will have to make a tutorial to share!  It made glazing with a stain much easier!

 I would love 2 more barstools so the search continues for more mismatched barstools!  Sometimes I feel as through that is always the story of my life.  But we will call it treasure hunting as that sounds much better!!

I hope everyone has a wonderful Weekend!!!!



Thursday, February 14, 2013

Happy Valentines!!!

Look at what my cute neighbor brought me.  She is absolutely amazing and never ceases to impress me!  They are too cute to not put on my blog.  The even better part is, they are DELICIOUS!!!

What to make your own for Valentines Day?  Here is how

Buy the heart marshmallows
push sucker stick into the bottom of the heart
 melt your chocolate and dip in the marshmallow.  
place the dipped marshmallow on a cookie sheet covered with wax paper
 add your candy
place in the freezer until the chocolate is hardened.  
ENJOY (the best part)




Wednesday, February 13, 2013

They are here....

Alright my nerd side is coming out!  I am a total EBAY nerd.  I spend way too much time searching listing for my next "treasure"  My father in law even got mad at me the other night because I won't put my phone away these spools were about to end and I had to make sure I won them!  Don't worry as soon as I won them I put my phone away!   
They showed up today!  I couldn't have been more excited.  Seriously what I am turning into....excitement over wooden thread spools!!!  It is the small things in life right?

I LOVE picking and searching.  Whenever we go on vacation I always have to check the classifieds and find the local thrift stores.  Last week when we were in Park City I happened upon an AWESOME estate sale.  I know I know what a vacation right?  It may or may not slightly annoy my husband ;)

These spools are my color inspiration for my kitchen.  I am so excited to get some turquoise in there, it is going to look awesome with my granite! 

Monday, February 11, 2013

Dresser LOVE!!!

Oh, how I love this dresser!  Everything about her is so beautiful!  I think she may just deserve a name...SUGGESTIONS??

This was also a custom order for a customer, she really wanted the top stained!  I am so glad she did, it really helps accent the beauty of this dresser!
I didn't get too creative with refinishing this dresser, as I didn't want to take away from its natural beauty, more I wanted to bring it out.  I painted it with Benjamin Moore's White Dove and then I slightly distressed it and added a watered down glaze to really get in all the cracks!  I couldn't be more happy with the outcome!

We added the vintage glass knobs.  Glass is always the perfect solution when you really want the details to stand out instead of the hardware.  It added a subtle classiness without being overbearing.

I wish I had a spot for this dresser, if I did I might have just stolen it!

TTFN Brooke

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Tuesday, February 5, 2013

TV Console

First off don't forget to checkout our awesome GIVEAWAY going on now.
I have been working with a fabulous client trying to find her furniture.  Not just any furniture the PERFECT furniture.  We searched high and low for a TV console, she really wanted an old record player converted, but after months of searching and no luck we found this!  I think it is just a beautiful.

I used the vaseline method(here) to distress and then I glazed it.

I have had many questions about furniture refinishing lately let me try to answer them!

Yes, I do custom orders.  I do have some furniture on hand, when I find something for a good deal, or something I HAVE to have I usually buy it and store it until I am ready to refinish it.  If I don't have what you are looking for I am always happy to help you find what you are looking for.  I don't charge a fee to find what you want as long as I am the one refinishing it.  Please know finding and refinishing furniture takes time, there is usually always AT LEAST very very LEAST a week turn around time, and that would be a rush order!
I can always refinish furniture you have.  Send me an email with a picture of your furniture and dimensions and I can get back with you on a price and specifics.

I hope this helps answer some questions.  If you have any other please send me an email

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Monday, February 4, 2013

It is GIVE AWAY time!!

You may have heard me talk about Lost and Found Thrift in the past! 
 I find so many treasures there for great prices and I love the couple that runs it too.  

We have decided to team up for a Give Away!

First for the fun part, 
the items being given away:
Small cake stand (can hold 4 cupcakes)
Glittered apple 
White creamer

My favorite part is these items are very versitile you can decorate with them or cook with them or anything else you see fit!

How to Enter:
Like Start at Home's Facebook page
Like Lost and Found Thrift's Facebook page 
Leave a comment on my blog or Facebook page letting me know you have done those things and you are ENTERED!!  Easy enough right?
Wanted your name in TWICE?  Share the Give Away AD on Facebook.

This give away will run Through Monday February 11 at 12:00am

Thank you to everyone for all you continued support!!


Saturday, February 2, 2013

Chalkboard Desk

First off BOTH of my beds sold!!  
Hurray, lesson learned ALWAYS ALWAYS take the time to stage your products!  
Thank you to all of you as well for your kind comments and encouragement!

Here is my newly finished desk (notice it is staged).  
I have always loved chalk board desks, it was time to create one!

Instead of using paper you just write on the desk!

This desk has a beautiful front panel too, so if you wanted to float it in the middle of a room you can!

Great under desk shelf for hidden storage.

This Desk is for sale!  Check out my Furniture for sale tab for more info!




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