Wednesday, April 29, 2015

DIY Chicken Wire Projects

My mom came and took my kids this morning for a walk, a 2 hour walk to the park.  It is only 11:30am and I have my house cleaned, my yard work done and I even have a few minutes to blog!  Things are flying off my TO DO list today!!  

Anyway, I found an old roll of chicken wire in our backyard when we moved in so I stashed it away.   I am glad I did I have made some fun projects with it.  Here are a few of my favorites!

A chicken wire cloche.  
I did get a few scratches in the process of putting it together.  But it was worth it!

A chicken wire backed frame.  It is great to display all my reminders and kids pictures.

How about chicken wire instead of glass?

These doors used to be solid panels.  
I used a router to remove the inside panel and added chicken wire and my upholstery gun, you could use a regular staple gun as well!

Who would have thought an old oak tv stand could be so cute!!



Tuesday, April 28, 2015

DIY Pallet Art

Pallet art is so much fun to make, and the best part is you can put just about anything on it!  Want to make your own?  There is a tutorial below!

I used pine for this piece.  I used my chop saw and cut it done to size.  I wanted it to be12 inches x 9 inches. 
 I then used paint sticks to hold the boards together.  I applied glue and stapled the paint stick in place

Next  I pulled out my graphite transfer paper, I bought mine at Micheal's.  I like to wrap it around the board so I have a better idea of where the edges are.  It makes centering your image much easier.

Now you are ready to center your image on your board.  I used photoshop to design my lettering and then I printed it.

Once you have it centered it is time to trace

After everything is traced pull your image and graphite paper off and this is what it should look like

Now it is time to paint.  I used a soft cream color latex paint.  I try to stay inside the lines.  I don't worry about covering the lines.  I either sand them off, or they blend into the stain

Once everything is painted and dry I sand over the top to make everything smooth and to get rid of some of the graphite lines.   I also like how the stain stays in the sand marks made in the paint.

I then used a paint brushed to apply the Dark Walnut stain by Miniwax.  I wiped off any excess stain and let it dry.

Once it is try you have a beautiful piece of pallet art.  
These are great for Wedding gifts, I made this one for my step brother and his fiancé.



Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Old Door Turned Headboard!

If you follow me on Facebook or Instagram you may have seen this door the hubs and I were working on turning into a headboard.

I am so thankful my husband knows how to cut crown.  My head was spinning while I was watching him...everything is upside down and backwards to me.  

And here it is......Didn't it turn out beautifully!

Monday, April 20, 2015

Decorating with Chalk Paint

I love to decorate with chalk paint.  It is so easy to add color and it sticks to just about everything!  
I used it on my photo wall on the few blue picture frames just to add a bit of color and help carry your eyes through out the entire wall!

I painted the back of my hutch with chalk paint to accent my white dishes.

This candle holder used to be black, but I needed a few accessories to help bring in some color.
I tied some ribbon around it for some texture and now it is a great place for my birds nest!

And who doesn't love a painted mason jar.  The best part about Chalk Paint is I didn't have to prime these I just slopped 2 layers of paint on there and they are done just like that!

And last but not least my table that sits in my entry way!  I just love this table, it is a fun accent piece!

Chalk Paint is so fun to paint with, with most things there is not prep work.  When I am feeling like I need a change in my decor almost always the chalk paint comes out and something gets a fresh coat of paint!

All of the blue pieces are painted with Duck Egg by Annie Sloan!



Thursday, April 16, 2015

All The Details of My Mom's Kitchen Remodel

As promised here is all the details of my mom's kitchen remodel.  
First up her budget, her goal was to stay under $5000

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Refinished Pedastal Table

This cute little table was sitting in my backyard rotting.  Patiently waiting for me to do something with it.  I had debated keeping it for myself and making it an outside table, but I seem to want to keep  everything lately, and my house just isn't big enough to fit all the furniture I want to keep.  I often tell my husband I need a bigger house to accommodate all of the furniture I want, and then he reminds me I will have to clean it......So I guess I will part with this cute little table.  And if you think she is ugly....just wait until you see the after....

Now do you see why I want to keep it.  That table looks so good in the "jungle" area of my yard.  

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Refinished Floral Nightstand

This cute nightstand is so charming, I mean look at all those curves!

I just love then I get pieces of furniture that really make me think.  They push me out of my comfort zone and require me to get a little creative.  This was the case with this nightstand, the old hardware was lion heads....EEK!!
 {I forgot to take a before picture of this piece, but I did record myself prepping this piece for paint.  The video tutorial will be available soon. } 

Thursday, April 9, 2015

Built in Shelf {the Easy Way} Recap!

I was looking through my stats and noticed my Built in Shelf {the Easy Way} Tutorial is one of my top hits to my blog!  I had forgotten about this tutorial, but I admit it was one of my favorite projects in my house!  

Here is the picture before:

  This little shelf sat in the corner for a long time looking sad and out of place and this corner was so awkward....until....

We built it in.  (tutorial here)  

To built this shelf in only took a few hours and the results are outstanding.  Instead of this being a sad shelf in the corner it is now a focal point to the room.

When I get antsy or bored I start rearranging.  Today this shelf got a facelift!

I pulled out the hot glue gun and several kinds of lace and ribbon and went to town.   I glue some pieces on, others I just tired around, but I love the texture and character it added to this shelf!



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Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Spring Cleaning Sale!!

I am doing a little spring cleaning so......

Everything is 50% off prices below at the DECOR STORE, while quantities last!

Need a new fun original pillow envelope?? 

18x18 Paris Burlap Pillow Envelope with Button $22
16x16 Mustard Pillow Envelope with Paris Burlap and Buttons $20
16x16 Blue Bow Pillow Envelope with Paris Burlap $20
14x14 Cream Duck Cloth Pillow Envelope with Paris Burlap and linen Flower $18
18x18 Chevron Burlap Pillow Envelope $18

I am offering shipping as well for only $3 for your first pillow and $1 for each one after that.

If you are interested please comment with what you would like as well as your email address. I will send you an invoice through paypal, once the invoice is paid I will ship your order!

But there aren't just pillows up for sale...I have frames too!!  Head over to the Decor Store and check it out before they are all gone!!



Monday, April 6, 2015

DIY Book Page Wreath Video Tutorial

I have had so many questions about my book page wreath I created a video tutorial of how to make them.  Book page wreaths are great as they are a statement piece, a budget friendly statement piece.  

 I believe I paid $6 to make this wreath.  The down side is they are time consuming.  Before I edited this video it was roughly 2 hours long, so grab yourself a snack, a good tv show or a friend and enjoy making this wreath!

This was the first time I had ever recorded myself, and of course you are always your worst critic.  I even kicked my husband out of the room when I first watched it.  But after watching it over and over I am a little more used to seeing myself on camera!  I hope you find this video helpful and 

Happy Wreath Making!!!



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Friday, April 3, 2015

Restored German Hutch

I have a lot of furniture scouts out there helping me, and it is a good thing or I would have missed out on this beauty.  My Mom happened to drive by a garage sale and spotted this hutch.  Isn't it so beautiful and unique.   After doing a little research on this piece I found out it is from Germany and dates back to around the 1930's or 1940's.    

When we moved it into my garage I knew it was going to need a lot of work, it was falling apart as we were moving it.  But that is to be expected from a piece this old.

  I put off this hutch for over a year, mainly because I didn't know exactly what I wanted to do with it.  Sometimes when I am stumped I let furniture just sit until it speaks to me, after a year it finally spoke up!  

And here she is all dolled up!

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

DIY Dresser Turned Bench Tutorial

When I picked up this chest I didn't realized it was in as bad shape as it was until I got it home.  Once I assessed its damage it left me scratching my head.  It was missing the top 2 drawers the second drawer down was missed the bottom and one of the sides, and the bottom drawer also needed a new bottom.  It was missing a caster wheel and the top...well it was just plain nasty.  But this chest’s frame was in great shape, not to mention it is made out of Oak.

First I pulled off the top.  Once the top was off I pulled out the top drawer divider and guide and removed the 2nd drawer.  Leave the 2nd drawers guide, the bench seat will go there.

 After I had the dresser stripped down to the last drawer I flipped the old top over cut it down to size and used it for the bench seat.  Once your seat is in, use wood filler, I like Elmers Wood Fill, and fill in all those holes and cracks.  Once your wood fill is dry use a 150-grit sand paper, and sand the entire dresser until it is smooth. 

This chest didn't have much of isn't own character so I added some molding around the drawer to spice it up a bit.  

 Once everything is all sanded it is time to paint.  
This bench could easily be painted by hand but I do use a Graco airless paint sprayer for all my furniture.  
I always prime my pieces first, I like to use kilz or zinsser primer in latex.  
Once the primer is dry it is time to add color!  I used Quarry by Pratt and lambert for this bench.  

After it is all painted and dried I added a brown oil based glaze to all the details to really make them pop!  After the glaze dried I added a clear top coat to help protect this bench.  

And this is what you get, a beautiful repurposed bench.  With a working drawer!!

You can also make different pillows on Shutterfly, to accent any creations you make for your home decor.




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