Thursday, April 16, 2015

All The Details of My Mom's Kitchen Remodel

As promised here is all the details of my mom's kitchen remodel.  
First up her budget, her goal was to stay under $5000

  • $700 - refinished oak floors
  • $600 - back splash (she installed it herself to save money)
  • $1800 - level 2 granite
  • $700 - Faucet and sink
  • $200 - light fixture
  • $75 - Barstools found at a garage sale
  • $50 - upholstery for barstools
  • $468 - Cabinet redo
    • $40 - 2 sheets of beadboard for the inside of the cabinets
    • $75 - Paint and Primer
    • $45 - Glaze and Top Coat
    • $8 - Spray painted old hinges instead of replacing them
    • $200 - New Hardware
    • $100 - Crown on top of the cabinets
For a Grand Total of $4593  
                                    $407 under budget.  She saved a lot of money doing everything on her own,    with the help of me and Dave of course!

I have had a lot of questions about replacing old panels with beadboard.  Dave at Liberty Homes and Remodeling used a router and routed the inside panels out.  If you are good with a router I am sure you could figure it out...he is working on a tutorial he will be selling as well.  

After the inside panel is routed out you will need to cut your bead board down to size and glue it into the routed cabinet.  Dave used weights to hold the bead board down while it dried.

Once the glue has dried the front should look like this....

and the back should look like this! 

 After the new panels were in and dry we sanded them all down and got them ready to paint.

I used my paint sprayer to spray them with a latex paint.  I don't have a name for this paint it is a custom color.

Once these were all painted we lightly sanded the edges and applied an oil based brown glaze.  Once the glaze was dry my mom sealed the cabinets with a poly acrylic.

After everything was dried, I would allow at least 48 hours to really let them cure.  Next she put on the newly sprayed hardware, which she sprayed with Rustoleum's Metallic Oil Rubbed Bronze.  Before she hung the cabinet doors Dave used a drill press to drill all the new holes for the hardware. {A regular drill will also work}  Once the hardware was installed they hung the doors!    

And the result is amazing!  You can see the before and other pictures here.



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  1. The kitchen is beautiful! Putting the beadboard in the doors completely transformed the look. Bet your mom is so happy. :)



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