Thursday, January 31, 2013

Staging, I should know better!

I refinished these beds awhile back and took these pictures (Yes, I was being lazy).  They look alright and really show the details of the beds.  However, they were not selling and there seemed to be no interest in them either.

Being a hobbyist photographer I should know that a picture most of the time sells an item, so I decided to be unlazy (is that even a word? spell check says it isn't but I like it so it stays!)

I rearranged my front room and brought up the headboards!  I don't have a queen mattress, so my girls and I gathered all (I mean ALL) of our pillows and stacked stacked stacked!

Wouldn't you know I sold the Yellow one today, lets hope for the same on the blue one.  There has been lots of interest in it so far, FINGERS CROSSED!!

Lesson learned if I want to sell faster I need to take the time to stage my items!



Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Antiquing Furniture

I have been doing a lot more custom orders lately!  When I ask someone how they want their furniture refinished I often get a blank stare!  I should expect that, right?  After all isn't that why they are hiring me?  

The awesome part about refinishing furniture is there is no right or wrong way, it is an individual art based on a persons specific taste.  There is more than one way to achieve similar looks.  It is all personal preference.  If you are looking for someone to refinish furniture for you ask to see their previous projects to ensure you like their style.    

I personally LOVE to glaze furniture, for a few reasons:
Help accent details
 Glaze stays wet longer providing a longer working time
Adds character

As you can see with each of these steps you are going to achieve a very different look.  They each have their pros and cons.
Why do I like glazed furniture so much?
I love how the glaze sinks into all the cracks, it often times makes imperfections look like they are supposed to be there.  After all refinished furniture is second hand furniture and most of the time isn't perfect.  That is what I love about it, added character.  The piece tells a story about its past.
If the furniture gets dinged it doesn't looks chipped or out of place, it blends in with the character of the piece.  It holds up much better with kids (I speak from experience)
But my favorite part is it seems to be the final touch that really brings the piece to life!

I hope this helps a little bit



Friday, January 25, 2013


My first new years resolution was to NOT diet but to learn how to live a HEALTHY life.  I wanted to make a major lifestyle change.  I am terrible at dieting, I just wanted to learn how to truly eat good and how to make good choices!  I hated going to bed at night knowing I had eaten too much, drank too much Dr Pepper, having a headache and yes the list goes on and on.  
My husband got me a membership to an awesome gym, there are trainers on every day to give you your work out, your meal plan, monitor your weight, body fat, and inches.  
At first it was a lot of work to figure out what foods to eat and how many calories I am taking in etc.  I had been going to another gym pervious but my work outs were not this hard, so needless to say my body has had some adjusting to do!  
I have even taken some naps in the last few weeks, that never happens.  But I am finally getting the hang of things and I can feel my energy coming back, I go to bed at night proud of myself for not giving in to the temptation of food.  And let me tell you, I LOVE FOOD!!!  Probably the best thing I have learned so far is portion control!  It isn't that you can't have it but maybe you shouldn't have that much that often.  Yes, I still have a Dr Pepper every now and again, last night actually.  But instead of it being a 44oz one from McDonalds, it was an 8oz can!
All this being said the best part is my family is eating healthier and we are all more active!  I wish I had done this earlier, if only I had known!  I have not actually lost any weight but I am on track to lose 3% body fat this month and I have lost several inches!  

My next Resolution was to blog more....Can I bribe you with a cupcake to forgive me for being a blog slacker?  

For Christmas my good friend gave me a fun cupcake book so I have had to try some of the fun ideas out! 
 I LOVE cupcakes they are always so cute, and my 4 year old is awesome at making the cake mix!  It is something fun we can do together.  We made these for a very special friend's birthday.

I will have you know I didn't even eat one of these!  I was so proud of myself.

These flamingo ones I helped my 4 year old make me for my birthday, and yes I did eat one of these!  They were delicious!!!!!




Monday, January 14, 2013

Have a Heart?

I hope everyone is staying warm.  It is so cold here in Salt Lake City, Utah.  They are saying this is the coldest it has been in 30 years.  Brrrrr!  
This last weekend I went on a business trip with my husband while the kiddo's stayed home with my mom.  The trip was so fun and slightly warmer, I got to sleep in, go shopping, read a book and just enjoy my own thoughts.  Even though these things are nice every now and again it made me miss my girls and really appreciate their company.  
While we were gone a huge snow storm blew in, they even named it.  When we left we had NO snow and when we got home this is what it looked like!  Crazy huh??

I used to decorate for holidays all the time, lately I have been a little lax.  However I love Valentines Day, and I love most of my decorations so I had to get them out!  

Here is a sneak peek at my table center pieces, a hint of Valentines!

I have always loved conversation hearts, so we need lots.  Of all sizes of course.



Friday, January 4, 2013

Yellow Yellow Yellow

There are some projects I let my creativity fly and just go with it. 
 This was one of those projects (they are my fav)

I first painted this bed yellow, and then distressed it A LOT!  I then rubbed a stain all over it, everywhere!  I was a little worried about the stain looking too dark, which it did slightly.  Don't worry it is nothing a little sand paper couldn't fix!  I sanded it again added a clear top coat and TADA!!! 

I love the details the canning adds and all the lines!  

This bed is for sale, if you are interested please see my furniture for sale tab!  It is a queen/full bed and comes with metal rails!



Thursday, January 3, 2013


Can a girl ever have too many accessories?  I think not.  We need accessories for everything and our house is included in that, right?

These bottle were were so much fun to make, they needed accessories too!!  
For the lace I cut up some old curtains!  I hot glued the lace around the old bottled and added some pendants for personality!

This pendant is my favorite, it used to be a hair clip.

That is not hair .... it is left over hot glue I didn't notice until after I was editing pictures!  The joy of having a macro lens, nothing hides!

 The platter they are sitting on was an Old platter I found and a thrift store, I painted the center with chalkboard paint and added some flair with chalk!



Wednesday, January 2, 2013

A few of my favorite projects!

Both of these dressers I refinished for my daughters!  I love the details on them.  Surprisingly enough I don't think they have ruined them yet!!

I love the chopping block top.  I really debated whether or not to sand the top down, I knew it would be a lot of work but I am so pleased with the end result, I am glad I took the extra time.   And I made the bench myself!

This console was so fun to gut and convert.  It was another one of those projects that took a lot of time but once it is finished it all seemed to be worth it!!

I love my make shift built in!  Post Here!  

And I LOVE the color of this headboard, the lines and well just everything.  It was a fun project! 

It has been such a great year.  I have started doing custom refinishes for people and have loved finding them furniture and helping their dreams become a reality!!  In the process it has also made my dreams come true as I have always dreamed of having a little side hobby!  I have meet amazing people and made many new friends!  

Thank you to everyone for all your support and love 2013 is going to be great!!!



Tuesday, January 1, 2013

A year of Remodeling!

I was looking back through my posts, I can't believe we have been in this house for a little over a year.
This house search I was a little more picky

My house wish list went something like this

ROOM TO GROW (I am tired of moving)
I didn't care about much else, but these things were really really important to me.

I love the LOCATION.  I learned from my other house, if you don't love your location you will never love your house.  It has been so nice to be close to family, my daughters love to see their cousins, grandparents, aunts and uncles!

We did take on quite the project with this house, but it fit everything on my wish list and it was within our budget.  I knew I could fix the cosmetic things, I was willing to do that before I gave up my wish list!

Our first complete project was our master bath! (post here)

Just after we completed it we broke the shower, and yes a year later it is still broken! My favorite part of this bathroom is my vanity!  It even has slow close drawers, I have never had that kind of luxury before!!

 The previous owners added this kitchen on, when I walked in and saw all the space I was in love.  Cosmetically it wasn't necessarily what I wanted, but I didn't have to tear down any walls!!  HUGE PLUS

  (post here)

I love my oldest daughters room!  It is a smaller room but lightening the walls and furniture helps to open up the room and make it feel bigger!  Full Post here

When we first bought this house I thought I would love having the laundry room right off the garage.  I don't hate it however it is a hallway from the family room to the garage so I have to keep it clean.  (I really am not good at staying up on Laundry)  We created this built in storage to help keep it clean and useable!  So far it has really helped keep it clean.  Full post here

I love my dining area.  It is nice to be able to have a larger table to accommodate visitors for meals and of course craft on.  We seem to get a lot of those around dinner time, mainly brothers!  Full Post here

I have enjoyed remodeling our house.  Many people ask "would you remodel another house?" to that I would say YES!!  However, I would NEVER EVER EVER do another yard like this!  I don't think we really understood what we were getting ourselves into.  we have .25 of an acre and it was ALL covered in either gravel or flagstone.  To haul it all out, and get all the plants out was A LOT of work!! I still have random things popping up!  But I am super happy with the way it turned out! Full post here

Our last reno was the main level half bath! Full post here

Wow, what a year!  I still have a few rooms to do and finish all the smaller things.

This last week we started the basement!!  Devin is claiming it was his man cave, we will see!

I hope everyone had a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!



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