Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Antiquing Furniture

I have been doing a lot more custom orders lately!  When I ask someone how they want their furniture refinished I often get a blank stare!  I should expect that, right?  After all isn't that why they are hiring me?  

The awesome part about refinishing furniture is there is no right or wrong way, it is an individual art based on a persons specific taste.  There is more than one way to achieve similar looks.  It is all personal preference.  If you are looking for someone to refinish furniture for you ask to see their previous projects to ensure you like their style.    

I personally LOVE to glaze furniture, for a few reasons:
Help accent details
 Glaze stays wet longer providing a longer working time
Adds character

As you can see with each of these steps you are going to achieve a very different look.  They each have their pros and cons.
Why do I like glazed furniture so much?
I love how the glaze sinks into all the cracks, it often times makes imperfections look like they are supposed to be there.  After all refinished furniture is second hand furniture and most of the time isn't perfect.  That is what I love about it, added character.  The piece tells a story about its past.
If the furniture gets dinged it doesn't looks chipped or out of place, it blends in with the character of the piece.  It holds up much better with kids (I speak from experience)
But my favorite part is it seems to be the final touch that really brings the piece to life!

I hope this helps a little bit




  1. Thanks for the photos that show the contrast beetween the three styles. Helpful. :)

  2. Great explaination of the difference of each one. Thanks for sharing and clearing it up :)



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