Wednesday, January 2, 2013

A few of my favorite projects!

Both of these dressers I refinished for my daughters!  I love the details on them.  Surprisingly enough I don't think they have ruined them yet!!

I love the chopping block top.  I really debated whether or not to sand the top down, I knew it would be a lot of work but I am so pleased with the end result, I am glad I took the extra time.   And I made the bench myself!

This console was so fun to gut and convert.  It was another one of those projects that took a lot of time but once it is finished it all seemed to be worth it!!

I love my make shift built in!  Post Here!  

And I LOVE the color of this headboard, the lines and well just everything.  It was a fun project! 

It has been such a great year.  I have started doing custom refinishes for people and have loved finding them furniture and helping their dreams become a reality!!  In the process it has also made my dreams come true as I have always dreamed of having a little side hobby!  I have meet amazing people and made many new friends!  

Thank you to everyone for all your support and love 2013 is going to be great!!!




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  2. What great projects you have done--can't wait to see what 2013 brings!

  3. I just love the pink and white dresser! So fun and sassy!!



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