Thursday, January 3, 2013


Can a girl ever have too many accessories?  I think not.  We need accessories for everything and our house is included in that, right?

These bottle were were so much fun to make, they needed accessories too!!  
For the lace I cut up some old curtains!  I hot glued the lace around the old bottled and added some pendants for personality!

This pendant is my favorite, it used to be a hair clip.

That is not hair .... it is left over hot glue I didn't notice until after I was editing pictures!  The joy of having a macro lens, nothing hides!

 The platter they are sitting on was an Old platter I found and a thrift store, I painted the center with chalkboard paint and added some flair with chalk!




  1. Femine, pretty, vintage. SO CUTE!

    I love the simplicity, with eye catching results of this project.

    Thanks for sharing :)




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