Thursday, August 23, 2012

Custom Orders!

I am now accepting custom orders!  
Have an old piece of furniture sitting around needing freshened up?  Let me transform it into something beautiful and unique.  
I spray all of my pieces with a professional paint sprayer and high quality paint for a smooth professional finish.  I apply a clear top coat as well for protection.
If you have a piece you would like a bid for please send me an email at  Please include dimensions, a picture, and if you have an idea of how you would like it refinished.  
My quotes will include prep work (minor repairs), painting, and a top coat.  New hardware and large repairs will be an additional charge!
Want to refinish something yourself and need help getting started?  
I charge a $50 consultation fee (first hour) and $30 every hour after the consultation.
Here are a few of my favorite refinishes!

One of my Favorite Dressers.  I love how clean it looks!
Hutch Post Here

Table Post here

Sofa Table Post Here

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