Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Decorating with MEANING!!

There are so many amazing spaces out there.  Sometimes I find myself feeling overwhelmed, wondering how my budget will ever allow my rooms to look a certain way.   I was looking at my daughters room today and I realized I wouldn't change a thing.  Every piece in this picture means something to me or has some story behind it! 

The lamp I found at a garage sale for $5, it had some stains on the lamp shade so I found these butterflies at the dollar store 2 for a $1 and I glued them right over the stains!

The cute bunny hugging a chick was a gift my mom gave her for easter a few years ago

The blue box was also a gift we received when she was born

The oval frame I bought at DI (local Thrift Store) for a $1 and she helped me make the K out of buttons

The cute hat I found at a Flea market for $5

The Cinderella tin she picked out at Lost and Found $5

The bear was also a gift.  It is one of those wax ones that smells delicious!

The old children's books I found at Lost and Found Thrift

The characiture we had draw while we were in Disneyland, Yes she even held still for 20 minutes!

All of these items have been collected over 3 years now.  Whether they were found, made or given as a gift they all come together perfectly and helped create a space for my little girl with meaning and personality.



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  1. I wouldnt change a thing either! This room is absolutely precious :)



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