Tuesday, January 17, 2012

A Tinker Bell Birthday

It was my birthday yesterday..... one year older and wiser too right?

My 3 year old really wanted me to have a Princess birthday party, I do love the Disney princesses but I love Tinker Bell even more, so we compromised!

She bought me a bag full of my very own Tinker Bell toys and helped dad pick out a Tinker Bell cake complete with more toys!

My husband took me to IKEA....for my first time!  WOW, what a store, I found some fun things for my house.  Pictures to come as soon as I finish my Bedroom!

I also got to go shopping BY MYSELF.  Not that I don't love my girlies my brain just seems to work better when it is alone!  So I got me a few things for my kitchen.

Here is a sneak peek of my kitchen.  It is almost done too ( I feel like I say that a lot LOL)

I love Glass AnyThInG glass really ..... I wanted to decorate my kitchen with things that were functional.  Sometimes when I get too much going on it feels more like clutter than it does decorations.

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