Saturday, February 2, 2013

Chalkboard Desk

First off BOTH of my beds sold!!  
Hurray, lesson learned ALWAYS ALWAYS take the time to stage your products!  
Thank you to all of you as well for your kind comments and encouragement!

Here is my newly finished desk (notice it is staged).  
I have always loved chalk board desks, it was time to create one!

Instead of using paper you just write on the desk!

This desk has a beautiful front panel too, so if you wanted to float it in the middle of a room you can!

Great under desk shelf for hidden storage.

This Desk is for sale!  Check out my Furniture for sale tab for more info!




  1. So cute, brooke! i love the drawers and knobs and love the shape and color of the body as well! great job!

  2. Such a cute desk! Wish I wasn't allergic to chalk or I would scoop it up from you. I'm glad you other headboard sold and I know this is going to sell fast.



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