Wednesday, February 13, 2013

They are here....

Alright my nerd side is coming out!  I am a total EBAY nerd.  I spend way too much time searching listing for my next "treasure"  My father in law even got mad at me the other night because I won't put my phone away these spools were about to end and I had to make sure I won them!  Don't worry as soon as I won them I put my phone away!   
They showed up today!  I couldn't have been more excited.  Seriously what I am turning into....excitement over wooden thread spools!!!  It is the small things in life right?

I LOVE picking and searching.  Whenever we go on vacation I always have to check the classifieds and find the local thrift stores.  Last week when we were in Park City I happened upon an AWESOME estate sale.  I know I know what a vacation right?  It may or may not slightly annoy my husband ;)

These spools are my color inspiration for my kitchen.  I am so excited to get some turquoise in there, it is going to look awesome with my granite! 

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  1. Seriously?? I feel like we are the same person sometimes, Brooke. :) I'm addicted to EBAY also and could (and DO sometimes) spend hours getting lost in the knobs/hinges/hardware sections. aaaaahhhhh. My husband also may be a little bugged sometimes by those things. haha I LOVE the spools, they are gorg!



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