Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Tuesday's Tip: Distressing with Vaseline!

Previously we talked about rubbing vaseline on hardware so paint doesn't stick to hard to get off hardware (Post Here)...you can use in to distress furniture too!!

 How do you distress with vaseline?
First sand our piece down and get it all ready for paint
Once it is ready add you vaseline where ever you DON'T want the paint to stick.  
It doesn't have to be thick just rub it on like you would on your lips.

Once you have the vaseline on paint away!  
As the paint dries it will crack where the vaseline is.  (As shown above) 
 Once your paint is dry take a rag and it will wipe right off!

You may want to run over the top with fine sand paper to make sure all the lose paint is off!

I did go back and distress in a few additional spots to add an antique look!



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