Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Touching Up Painted Furniture

A few years ago I refinished this dresser for my daughter.  Now I wish my children were perfect little angels who were super careful with all their furniture, but unfortunately I am sure they act as most children do.  They write and climb all over my newly painted furniture or ding my cabinets or scratch my walls and the list goes on.  But I have good news, most of my children's messes I have been able to fix!  

One of the best parts of painted furniture is you CAN touch up almost any ding or mess.

Here is a little peek at the top of my daughter's dresser.  It has pen and marker and I am not sure what else, but it was a mess to say the least.   

To touch up a painted piece of furniture you will need:

  1. 220 Grit Sandpaper
  2. Touch up paint   {If you are buying a painted piece from someone ask for some touch up paint or the name of the paint.  If you don't have either, which in this case I didn't, you can take a small drawer or piece of the furniture to your local paint store and have them match it!}
  3. A paint brush
  4. A top top coat

Sand the top of the dresser just enough to remove the top coat and so it is smooth.  
Once it is smooth pull out your touch up paint.  Since the top of this dresser was so bad I repainted the entire top.  {That isn't always necessary you may be able to just touch up the spot, try a patch first.} 
Once the paint was dry I top coated the piece and.....

it is just like new!!



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  1. What a gorgeuous dresser I must say! Another thing to help protect it if it's chalk painted, you could seal the top with a sealer instead of wax, beautiful for Annie Sloan or clear top coat by American Paint , gives tops some extra durability especially great for kids furniture.



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