Monday, December 29, 2014

Upgrading Those Builder Grade Closets

As you may know this summer we welcomed baby #3, creating quite the room shuffle. We only have 3 bedrooms upstairs and I wasn't too keen on the idea of sending my 6 year old to the basement so that meant room!!  

Our rooms upstairs are not large, in order to get 2 girls in the same room I built them bunkbeds (post here).  I have never really loved bunkbeds maybe because I had one all growing but my girls think they are the coolest things ever, which makes their mom (me) totally awesome for building them beds....RIGHT!!??  

With the bed problem solved now I needed to fix the storage problem.  Their room is only big enough for one dresser and so I decided to maximize the space in their closet.  My first thought was to rip everything out and start over new.  I think I just like to demolition things, my husband on the other hand did not like that idea, so we worked with what we already had, which I think was best!  It is a good thing I have him to keep me in check!

Here is the Before

Here is the new organized closet.  
I moved both of the rods to the same side allowing me to add 3 shelves.  
The wood for the shelving only cost me $20 and I found the shoe organized at Home Depot for $30.  I also added a few hooks for them to hang their purses and jackets on.

With 2 girls in the same room I knew it would be hard to keep things organized on open shelves, and with only 1 dresser I needed a few more spots to stash clothes.

The galvanized buckets I found at Ace Hardware and the canvas bags were purchased from Kohls.  They have worked great for organizing clothes and toys!

Now don't worry their closet doesn't always look like this, I actually cleaned it for these pictures.  However I have been very proud of them, I checked it today and it is still clean, I think this is a record!





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