Friday, September 25, 2015

Plank Wall Tutorial

My pallet wall is my favorite wall in my house.  You have probably noticed it is in a lot of my pictures.  It just makes such a great backdrop and I love the texture.  The best part is it is easy to do and super cheap!

This isn't the best tutorial .... I forgot to take more pictures along the way.  But if you are good with power tools this should give you a good start!

The first thing I did was cased everything in.  {casing is the molding under the stairs and around the whole wall}  Since this is a floating wall I needed something to butt the planks up against.

For the planks I purchased 2 sheets of Hard Board from Home Depot, I think they were about $8 a sheet. 

I ripped the hard board down to 5 inch strips and cut them to random lengths.  I started at the bottom and let the first row sit right on my base board.  For spacing I used the width of the hard board, as it was easier than trying to use tile spacers. 

I then just used my finish nail gun to hold it in place.  I nailed each corner of the hard board piece.  I didn't fill the nail holes, I liked the rustic look it added of leaving them exposed.  After it was all up I primed it and then painted it.  I used Benjamin Moore's Halo for the planks and Benjamin Moore's White Dove for the moldings. 

To finish the top off my husband hung crown for me!  I just love my wall!  



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