Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Fall Decorating Part 2

This Fall I wanted to add some natural elements into my decorating as well!

These 3 pumpkins were chosen by my kids, I would say they did a pretty great job don't ya think?  They will be the pumpkins they carve, but until then them make a pretty vignette by my front door.  The Hydrangeas are real, I bought them at Costco.  Our Costco has an amazing selection of real flowers they are always so beautiful and full.  It is hard for me to just bring home one bunch.  
The wreath around the top pumpkins is one of my boxwood wreaths that has begun to yellow, perfect for fall!

My sweet husband bought me 3 Hydrangea plants this year.  Probably because he is tired of my buying them all the time.  Look how beautiful this blue/purple color is!  I am a little sad as this was my last picking for the season :(  I added them to this cute white pumpkin I made out of some left over material.

And last but not least my table basket.  I love to use baskets for the middle of my table as it is easy to pick them up and move them for dinner!  When my kids picked out their pumpkins I had to get a few for myself.  

Look how fun these squash are and my warty pumpkin, that grosses my kids out.  

Happy Fall Ya'll!!



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