Monday, December 21, 2015

Tour Of My Living Room

Welcome to our home!  
I don't have a formal living room....they seemed to always collect dust and I needed an office.  So we converted our living room into an office.  It was the perfect solution for us, and I really love having it here!  
This photo is taken with my back to my front door, so this picture gives you a better idea of how my house is laid out.  On the other side of my gallery wall is our dining table!  I do love how open our main floor is, you can be in any room and know what is going on around you.  

I didn't go too crazy with my Christmas decor this year, but I wanted to added touches of Christmas to each room.  

We have never had a place to hang stockings before or matching stockings for that matter.  You can imagine my excitement to now have stockings and a place to hang them!  I refinished this shelf and added some hooks.  I also made these stocking out of linen and lace!

 I love this advent calendar.  I fill each door with either a treat or a fun Christmas activity, like draw your grandparents a Christmas picture or sing a Christmas Carol to your neighbors.  My girls have loved it and it has helped to contain the excitement.  

And of course I have to sneak in some fresh flowers, especially in the winter.  They help with the dreary days, and who doesn't love cinnamon scented pinecones.  They smell so delicious!

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  1. It all looks lovely Brooke - love that advent calendar. Wishing you and yours a Merry Christmas!



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