Monday, September 12, 2011


After a week of renovation we moved in on saturday!  No, everything is not done...but done enough that we could move furniture in!  Below is the progress of our Master Bedroom!

I didn't get a Before Before picture .... so this is the best I got!

 We laid pine planks, stained them, and then waxed the floor to seal it.  They turned out so rich and colorful.  I love the rustic feel of them, we used finish nails but left them exposed to add to the style of the floor!

Here it is almost finished!  As you can see the crown molding is not up yet!  I can't hang crown molding, as I found out after much trial and we have to wait for it to be put up!  Hopefully soon!  I love how all the molding just brings our room to life.

The doors casing just looks outstanding, thanks to my wonderful husband who stuck with it.  Casing can be a very trying task!

The Headers are AMAZING!!!!!!!

Our Dog {Pebbles} even got into the reno spirit and started painting things with her ears.




  1. What kind of pin boards did you use? Tongue and groove? I love them!
    Dimples & Pig Tales

  2. Hey! This looks gorgeous, what product did you use to stain the boards with? Jenna,



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