Thursday, September 15, 2011


 One of the many wonderful things about this house is ALL the produce that is growing!  

Yesterday we had taco's and everything with the exception of the meat and tortilla's came from the backyard.  What is it about growing your own food that makes you feel so fulfilled?  

The previous owner of our home was an amazing gardener, I think I have one of everything
*Asian Pear
*4 different apples, one that she has trained to grow on a fence(pictures to come)
*Raspberries.....and yes the list goes on

We also have a stream they put in by themselves...however I have a love hate relationship with this attracts snakes!  AHHHH!!!  I HATE THEM!!!
Pictures of the stream to come too!

So much to learn about grapes...I hear it is best to pick them after the first killing freeze to seal in the sugar!
Aren't these tomatoes cute...they are Pear Tomatoes!!  I usually HATE tomatoes but I LOVE these guys!
I also have red and white raspberries...I never knew there were white raspberries but they are good

And Asian Pears...I had never even had one but they are good. I am going to try canning Asian Pear sauce.

A whole new adventure so excited!!!



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