Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Pottery Barn Pillows {look a likes}

I saw these pillows in the Pottery Barn catalog and really really wanted some....
but they are $36 a piece!

I found an awesome tutorial here and I made my own!  
I would have to say I am quite proud of myself as sewing is not one of my favorite things and often times when I start a sewing projects it sits for MONTHS...but not this one, they are DONE and I love how they turned out.  
They are going in my daughters room.  Her room seems to be the project that never ends...I just can't get it just right...but it is getting closer!


  1. okay lady you are so talented! I love the things you have been doing with your home....so BEAUTIFUL! Im pinning these pillows, so flippen cute!

  2. also i have to ask...what color did you paint your walls. Im kinda in love with the color! lol:) i painted my walls and am just not happy with the color. I love yours!

  3. Those are cute! Thanks for linking back to somedaycrafts.blogspot.com



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