Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Ballerina Party!

December is always a little crazy at our house!  But, we will not complain, we are so blessed to have our baby girl.  Yes, she was a bit unexpected but the best Christmas present you could ask for!  She was actually due on Christmas Day, but made her first appearance a little early.

This was our first ever friend Birthday party.  I was a little worried about entertaining 10 little girls but it was so much fun and they were all so good!

Her favorite colors are Gold and Pink, the perfect colors for a ballerina party.  I found the candy at Orson Gigi, I love all their color sorted candy as well as plates, napkins and utensils.  Makes my life a lot easier.  
For party favors, I bought cute little pink cellophane bags, at the end of the party we filled the girls bags with the yellow gum balls, the lemon flavored Jelly Bellies, and the pink taffy.

I made this cake!!  I was planning making a ruffled cake but it was late and the tip I needed for a ruffle cake walked off, here is plan b and I am very pleased with the outcome!  Yes, if I made this cake so can you.  Believe me when I say cooking is not my strong point.

 I also made the cupcakes.  The little ballerina toppers I found on Etsy.  I printed, cut them out and taped them to toothpicks!  The girls loved getting a cupcake with a ballerina on top.

I really wanted a nice backdrop for pictures and opening presents, probably the photographer in me!  I had this fabric from a previous photo shot, so I duck taped it to the wall over my door.  I found the chair at a garage sale and painted it yellow, and of course every little ballerina needs balloons.  

The party was so much fun.  However, mom is very tired, but a happy birthday girl made everything worth it.




  1. How sweet and what a great party idea. My little girl would looooove this. She has been in her Tinerbell costume most of this week!
    I made a rose cake and they are the best. Yours came out so cute.

  2. I love the cake! So pretty and sweet!



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