Friday, December 28, 2012

Renovation starts on the Basement!

When we bought this house the basement was considered finished.  You know how it is, once everything is moved out you start to see all the imperfections and the wheels start turning on how you can make it your own.    

The cement is painted, which makes for very cold toes, and in one of the bedrooms there is construction grade linoleum glued to the floor.  

So needless to say the basement is a catch all for whatever we throw down the stairs.

Here are the befores.......

First things first the moldings must come off!!!

The easiest way to get molding off is to first run a razor blade down the edge as shown.  This will break the seal of caulk and paint and hopefully minimize ripping paint and sheetrock off with the moldings.

 Next grab a hammer, a flat screwdriver, a crow bar, or anything you can get between the wall and the moldings to pull them up!  Start at one edge and work your way down!

All of our moldings are off!!  Texturing and painting tomorrow!!!




  1. Hi Brooke, Hope you had a great Christmas!

    Wow, You have great space down there.. It's like a big canvas waiting for your creative touch!

    Thanks for the razor blade tip on removing moulding.

    Have a great weekend,

  2. Cool. I will enjoy this whole process. We have some major work to do on our home soon. I'm both excited and dreading it, at the same time.

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