Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Some of my treasure I found on our treasure hunt!

My daughters and I made a little trip into SLC on Friday on the hunt for some fun furniture!  And get party supplies for my daughter's upcoming birthday!

I should know by now I don't take my children treasure hunting, but sometimes I really really crave looking.  Since we were already in SLC I decided to stop at a few places.  
First stop was Restore they were really great so I decided maybe we can handle one more store. We stopped at DI, a local thrift store, looking for a headboard in particular, I walked into the yard area and thought I found what I was looking for so I pulled it out, took pictures, sent pictures and then called my client to see if this is what she was looking for.  Right as I get on the phone my 1 year old decides to throw a fit, which includes throwing herself on the floor, screaming and kicking her legs.  I step to the side a little in hopes to hurry and finish up the conversation and then pick my daughter off the floor.  Just as I am about to end, I hear a crash and my 4 year old starts screaming,  in her attempt to climb out of the cart she tipped herself and the cart over and took a shelf down with her.  Embarrassed I ask my client if I can call her back.  Yes, at this point the whole store is looking at me.  So, needless to say I believe I have learned my lesson this time.  I will make sure I find a babysitter next time.

With all the commotion I did still find some fun treasures, and now they are available for custom refinish.

I love this vintage table on wheels, and all the fun detail.  The table is oval and can easily fit 6 chairs around it.  

Refinishing of this table starts at $225

Cute Desk with fun details
Refinishing starts at $175.

Please leave a comment or send me an email if you are interested.  Brooke.n.larsen@gmail.com



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