Saturday, October 20, 2012

Pretty in Pink

Half of the BEFORE!!!

 After I finished my baby's Dresser, my other daughter really wanted a dresser with a mirror too!  When I found this dresser I knew it was fit for a Princess!!

She even picked her colors in her words, "Mom, I want it pink, dark white, and then should we wax it?"  LOL she is a mini me in training!

I love all the fun craftsmanship of this dresser.  I painted all the details a different color to really show off the craftsmanship!


I glazed all the cracks to really bring out the fun lines.  For my glaze I used Martha Stewart's Metallic glaze from Home Depot.  I had never used this glaze before, but I really liked it.  I used a brush and applied it to the specific area I wanted to stand out, like this leg.  Once I brushed the glaze on I wiped the excess off with a baby wipe, leaving the glaze only in the cracks!

Once everything was dry I sealed it all up with a Polyacrylic.  It is a more durable product, hopefully it can withstand my daughter who thinks all of our furniture is a jungle jim!




  1. This is a adorable dresser for your daughter! You did a great job--it is so girly and pretty. Love the mirror!

  2. That's adorable!! Especially for a little girls room!!



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