Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Old Door Turned Coffee Table!!

I really have an old door addiction!  Can a girl have too many doors?  (well my husband believes so!!)

I just finished this Old Door Coffee table!  This is a REAL old door, probably an old storage door or something similar.  Since this door is smaller than our average door it makes the perfect top to a coffee table!

The door still has all of it's original hardware on it!  

I built the base for this table it is nice and sturdy!!  I painted the base a creamy color, distressed it and went over it with stain to help age the look of the base.  

 I lightly sanded down the door so the yellow would show through, I didn't want to ruin the character of this door too much so I left much of it original!  I did wax it to help preserve the look! 

This table is for sale!  If you interested please click on my "Furniture for Sale" page on the top of the page





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