Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Farm House Table

 Usually I save the best for last, but I love this table!  So here are the afters before!

Don't you just LOVE the chopping block top, and the cute bench, and I LOVE the chairs! (what else is there right?)

After my husband and I got this table into our dining area (which was not an easy task it is really really heavy and I apparently am not as buff and I "claim" to be.)  I decorated it to take pictures and I am sad I am selling it.  Look how great it looks with my floors!! 

But I really love my other table and I don't think, actually I know, Devin will let me keep both.  So I am selling this beautiful table!

I love the lines of these chairs and the fun rivets, to add a bit of character!

Now for the Before's, Well they are kind of half way throughs.  I forgot to take before's, what's new?

After the top of the table was sanded down I stained it with Early American by Minwax.  

I love how this stain made the pine look so rich!  Once the stain was dry I applied 2 coats of Hard Wax. 

As for the bench, I built it MYSELF!!  Yes, I am quite proud of myself!  It is nice, sturdy and added so much character to this table! 

Once my bench was built I painted and distressed it to match the rest of the table!

This table is for sale, if you are interested please check my Furniture For Sale tab at the top of the page!




  1. That table is so cute--love the bench. I am surprised you can sell it. Now I want to see what your regular ding table looks like! Thanks for sharing it.

  2. I am in LOVE too!!!
    What a gorgeous table.


  3. Looks beautiful! Love that color stain with the white. great job, I'm sure it will sell quickly.

  4. That table is totally awesome! If I were in need of a table I'd be wanting one with a butcher block top - that is just so beautiful! you did a great job and the bench is great - woohoo for doing it yourself!

  5. I love this table and chair set! I followed a link on Pinterest and am your newest follower. :)

  6. Love the colour of the pine. Like you say, it gives a rich look to the timber.

  7. Looks amazing! I am curious to know how the finish is holding up. Did you steel wool, buff, repeat? Poly after the wax?

  8. Looks Amazing! I am curious to know how the finish is holding up. Did you wax, steel wool, buff, repeat? Poly after?



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