Saturday, September 1, 2012

A Desk and Headboard

We just barely got new internet...and it is lightening fast.  But I guess anything is faster than Dial Up....I know I know get with the program right.  I usually start a download and leave to get something else done, as I was getting up today....TADA they were done!  WOW, what to do with all this free time!

Have you ever noticed behind every piece of furniture there seems to be a story? My little cuties and I set out on a road trip to get this desk.  When we were almost  there my 3 year old says, "mom where are we going?  I just don't like it and I want to go home.  I don't like this road trip at all."  
Apparently our road trips are not fun anymore :(  I bet ice cream will do the trick next time.

When I get low on furniture I usually search the classifieds and line up as much furniture as I can in a certain area.  It is fun, well to me, to get out and go collect furniture.  I always like to look for pieces with a little bit of their own character and charm.  

I painted my table chairs this color (pics to come soon) and I love the color so the desk is the same color.  It is such a clean happy color!  It almost makes you want to do homework!

I sprayed this piece with Pratt and Lambert Paint (I forgot the name) and distressed it.  It has new satin nickel hardware on it, the original hardware was boring.

For the Queen/Full bed...
I love the details of this bed and I really wanted them to stand out so I added some white to help accent the molding on the top.  This is one heavy head board. I thought I was being tough and could get it in my truck by myself, well I took both of us out in the process.  I am sure everyone was laughing at me!

I have the rails for this headboard, it can be a full or queen.
I am selling both the desk and the headboard.  Check out the "Furniture for Sale" tab at the top of the page if you are interested!




  1. When you say you sprayed it, what do you mean by that? Shane and I are trying to refinish a desk for our baby's nursery and want to be sure it looks really nice. would you mind emailing me?
    thank you!



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