Friday, November 23, 2012

Custom Order

I always get a little excited and nervous for a custom order.  Custom orders can often push me out of my comfort zone as I try to deliver aka read my clients mind.  I always want my clients to LOVE their restored furniture.



I had never painted with this color before, so I was a little excited when my client asked for turquoise.  I love bright colors they always seem to bring a piece to life.  

We kept the old hardware and I love how it pops against the turquoise!  
This cabinet now has personality of it's own.

As for this roll top desk, whenever anyone asks me to paint something black I wince just a bit!  Black scares me for a few reasons:
First it is hard to get a paint to look black in different lighting
Second it shows EVERYTHING
Third it often looks dirty.
I am looking at my black entertainment center as we speak, my kids hand prints are all over it!

So, I experiment with this desk to see if I could get the look she was going for and eliminate some of the problems I have with black!

I used Minwax Polyshades in black.  The nice thing about this product is it is color and top coat in one. I ran it though my sprayer, smoothed it out with steel wool and I couldn't be more happy with how BLACK this desk is.  Since it has a poly on it for protection I am hoping it will clean up awesome forever!!!!


 My client wanted glass knobs, I love the classy look it created on this desk!!

I am currently accepting custom orders, if you have a piece you would like refinished send me a picture and dimensions to my email and I will send you a quote!  Or if you are looking for something let me know and I can help you find it and get it refinished!

I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving and Black Friday!!!




  1. I want to paint my roll top desk lite pink... can you do that for me?

  2. Great job!! They both look great!!



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