Tuesday, April 16, 2013

It is getting CLOSER, and some weekend treasures!!

I can't believe my Boutique is just over a week away!  This was always something I wanted to do and now it is really happening, EXCITEMENT!  The pile in my living room is growing increasingly larger day by day, it will be so fun to see it all come together!  I am doing a give away for cash to spend at my Boutique on my Start at Home Facebook page. 

On to some of my favorite treasures I have found lately!  Every Friday I search the classifieds and papers for Estate sales and Garage sales and make my plan of attack.  Even if I find ONE special item it is a success!  My little brother, who is actually bigger than me now, often joins me in my searching.  He is also a collector!

I am loving glass lately!  Whether is is Mason jars, old bottles, milk glass, plates, cups or just odd shaped items.  They serve so many different purposes and are versatile.  When you are sick of it in one spot move it and add something else to it and what do you get?  A whole NEW look!  



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