Monday, April 29, 2013

Furniture and Accessories FOR SALE!!!

 Night Stand/Small Dresser $150
This nightstand is turquoise with a shade lighter in the center of the drawers to added contrast, it is slightly distressed and waxed for protection.  This is a Jasper and very high quality!
Dimensions 25.5 length x 20 width x 31 height

Round Clock $15  (10 inch circumference and 14 inches tall)
Birds Nest  $5   (8 inch circumference) 

Old cupboard turned Chalkboard with vintage hardware $30 (16 in x 18.5 in)

Burlap lamp $40 (21 1/4 inches tall)

Old books with glittered apple $15

Fabric/Burlap covered magnet board $25 (22 inches x 22 inches)

Coffee Table ( I have 2 of the same) $100 or $60 each (22 length x 19 width x 20 height)
Pallet 8x10 wood frame $15

If you have any questions please let me know!

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