Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Bed Frame Turned Bench

I had this old bed frame in my garage FOREVER.  I had previously redone it, for our guest room in our other house but once we moved I just didn't love the style of it anymore so it sat and sat and sat in the garage.  Until it finally spoke to me "please make me into a bench"  Brilliant!!  So that is just what I did!!

I was a little scared to try this, but I guess there is only one way to figure out if it will work, Trail and Error right???

I cut the foot board in half (no turning back now!)  The footboard was a little too short so I had to add some feet on the bottom, as you can see above.  Once I had it the height I needed I build a rectangular frame out of 2x4's and used LOTS AND LOTS of screws to secure everything together.  Once it was all put together I cut 1x4 pink planks down to 18 inch strips, and used finish nails to nail them into the 2x4 rectangular frame.

I wanted this bench to be a fun color, lime green seemed to be the right color!  I sprayed it green.....and it was green, way way way too green for my likings, it reminded me of a green monster.  I needed to somehow break up the green or repaint everything which didn't sound very fun.  I always hate when I do this, but if I don't love it I have a hard time selling it.

I contemplated for a few days until is decided to paint the spindles cream and use a stencil to add a few fun designs!  After it was glazed it looked just perfect, and I LOVED IT!! (check back later this week for a tutorial on the fun pillows!!)



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  1. I love it!! It is so cute!! Great job!!

  2. you need to bring it to the store...I will sell! Mothers day is right around the corner!

    1. This Bench is SOLD!! Thank you for the Offer.

  3. LOVE that lime green bench... so perfect for spring & summer. I've got a headboard in my garage BEGGING to be transformed. I'm featuring your bench in the PoPP Spotlight. Thanks for linking up.

  4. I love this. Have seen a few bed turned benches and glad I came across yours. I have my oldest son's single bed that he's had since he was first in a big bed, which I am setting aside for just this purpose. He's now 18 and has a new bed, so this will be a fun project!



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