Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Fresh Eggs & Sign Tutorial

Who else loves signs?  I think I need a sign for just about everything.  I am assuming you do too, so I thought I would share with you how I made these 2 signs in my kitchen.  The best part is ANYONE can do it and it is so easy!

What you need:
Graphite Transfer Paper
Letters (I printed mine from my computer)
Paint Brush
Sand Paper
Dark Wax or something to antique with like a glaze

  1. Cut your wood down to size.  I used a 1x4 pine and cut it to be the length I wanted.
  2. Paint your piece of wood
  3. Print your words out.  Remember to scale your font to fit on the piece of wood.

4. Place your graphite transfer paper in between your letters and the piece of wood.

    5. Trace your letters, check to make sure your letters are being transferred.  It should look like this.

    6. Once you have traced your woods pull out the paint brush and fill in letters

   7. After your paint has dried sand your board down lightly as to give the distressed look.
   8. Now add your dark wax and TADA you have a new sign!

For the Grocery sign I added a turquoise boarder out of wood to add a little color!

Like I said before I love signs, here is another post with some other signs I have made!
Also there is more than one way to make a sign here is another sign tutorial I made!

I am so excited to be taking over Take It From Me tomorrow!  CHECK IT OUT!!!!!




  1. Great idea and so easy to do! I love your backsplash and farm sink. Thanks for sharing.


  2. Love both of your signs!! I love your kitchen!! It is so beautiful!! Thanks for the tutorial!!



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