Thursday, May 23, 2013

Make Your Own Family Photo Wall

Just incase you missed it here is the post I shared at Take It From Me Yesterday..........

I don't know about you but I am obsessed with taking pictures of my children, naturally I have A LOT of pictures.
 I wanted a fun way to display their pictures and showed off all those fun moments!  

What better than a Family photo wall!  

What!? You want one too?  You have come to the right place!  I will walk you through how my photo walls have come to be!

When creating a photo wall don't be afraid to add elements other than picture frames.  If you have a favorite family saying try incorporating it as I have with our family wall.  You can find sign tutorials on my blog here

I made this wall for a boutique I recently had in my home, I wanted to add fun elements to bring character to the wall.   Old vintage knobs, fresh flowers in a mason jar vase, a fun shelf and a chalkboard all break it up a little and add a fun flair to the wall.

The 2 photo walls above are very large and take up my entire wall.  Which are great for that big wall you don't know what to do with.

Don't have a space that big?  No problem.    

This photo wall is only 36inches by 42inches.  It is in my VERY small half bath.

You may have noticed in all 3 of my walls none of my frames match!  
Some of them I have made, others I have found/collect, and some were even in an old forgotten box downstairs.  

I know those wheels are turning!  

Lets get to work making your own photo wall!

First things first decided how big of an area you have.  Big or small and tape out where you want your pictures to be on your wall.

Next I like to tape the same dimensions out on the floor and rearrange my picture frames until I like how they are positioned.  This saves lots of nail holes in the wall.

Once I have found that perfect arrangement I decided what colors I want them to be.  I liked all of the frames current colors except for the large oval one, she got a coat of paint!  I than add what I want in my frames.  For this project I found cute old sheet music at a thrift store.

Next position your frames one by one.  In your taped out area on your wall!

Pull off the tape ......... 

and TADA you have a new photo wall! 

Don't be afraid to be creative, after all it is your WALL!!!

Thank you again to Take It From Me for letting me take over your blog for the day!!




  1. Love your family wall--I have one too and it is always something guests comment on. Now I am thinking of doing a pet wall down the hallway--you are inspiring me :)

  2. Great post, Brooke! I have seen where you make a copy of the frame size on paper and then arrange how you want them to hang. But this approach would work even better, I think! Love mixing different frames and textures. Makes it fun to look at! Come on over to my blog, when you have a chance, and visit... that would be so much fun for me!! Thanks for sharing your great idea!!!

  3. Love your photo walls!! I love the sheet music you put in the frames. That is a great idea!! Thanks for the great ideas!! You got my creative juices flowing!! Thanks!!

  4. Looks great! Thank you for joining Home Sweet Home.



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