Thursday, May 2, 2013

Lamp Revamp!

I don't know if you are like me but I always seem to have a million lamps and shades laying around that I have decided I don't like anymore but still like enough to store (which drives the hubby crazy)  I decided to experiment with a few of them for the boutique.  I am so happy I did!  I redid 3 different lamps and I am amazed at how different each one turned out!  

This lamps was an inspiration from Pinterest (here is the tutorial I worked from)  As I look back at that lamp of inspiration mine turned out quite different.  To me that is the best part of the internet/pinterest, to find something you love and turn it into your own style.  Recreate it, make it your own, leave your own mark on it!!  I painted the base of this lamp a soft turquoise and I love the calming feel of this lamp.

When I found this little lamp I couldn't pass it up, but yes it was another lamp that added to my stock pile.  Why am I such a sucker for lamps?  It has some old grandma like beads on it so I cut those off and wrapped it with LARGE twine.  I love the earthy feeling it added to the lamp. 

For this lamp I covered the shade with burlap and then I hot glued gathered strips round the lamp (gathering tutorial)  I love the finished product.  To me it is so vintage and a perfect match for my daughters room.  Which is almost done, I am so excited!!  



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