Monday, May 6, 2013

Drop Cloth Pillows and a Tutorial!

You may remember this cute bench and the tutorial I promise for the pillows!  Well here it is:

I knew this bench could be an inside/outside bench so I wanted the pillows to be versatile as well.  They are made out of a drop cloth from the local hardware store!  Very durable and easy on the pocket book.

Once you have your pillows cut out and sew to size you will want to stencil them before sewing them on to the pillow.

You will need:
  1. stencils
  2. latex paint
  3. paint brush

 Decided where you want you stencil and pressed it down firmly, or use blue tape to hold in place.  I used the wood end of my paint brush for this as I felt I had been control and for many areas they were just dots.  Dip it in your paint, Go lightly on the paint to avoid bleeding, and dot it in to your stencil.  As you can see from the pics above I didn't do the entire stencil, I only did parts of it on different areas of the pillow to make it appear as though I had several different patterns.  

I didn't wash these after but if you would like to you can.  It will not wash out!  
Once your paint is dry place the pillow sham over the pillow form and sew it up!  I left my edges raw as I liked the look!  

1 comment:

  1. Nice job on the pillows--and they look great with the bench!



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