Friday, May 24, 2013

Old Wooden Chest

This is one of my favorite pieces of all time!  
I refinished it for the boutique and I just realized it doesn't have it's own post.  
It defiantly deserves it's own post!  

This little guy needed some love.  But it wasn't anything a little time and Bondo couldn't fix!

I wanted to add some more personality to this chest! 
 I pulled out my stencils and I loved this design, it seemed very fitting for this piece. 
A little tip when doing stenciling consider where you will start and end your stencil.  Drawers are great because they already have straight lines and start and finish points are easy!  

Once my stencil was on and dry I sanded it all down and then added a glaze.  

I love the end result, I wish I had a little corner in my house for it.  But I think it has an even better home at my neighbors!!

Happy Friday EVERYONE!!!


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  1. LOVE it what a beautiful piece. I need you to come decorate my house girl!
    Love Me, Dani Marie

  2. Love it!! The stenciling makes it unique. Love it!!



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