Friday, June 21, 2013

A little update on the Basement!

Here is the BEFORE :

See that hole in the ceiling we patched?  That hole was the cause of my bead board ceiling.  To try and match textures on a ceiling is a hard task to do, so I used it as a bargaining tool to get my bead board ceiling.  In my husbands words, "I love the bead board ceiling, but I don't think I would ever do it again."  I guess we can never move!

I am getting so excited as we get closer to completing the basement!  The painting is DONE!!  I painted the bead board ceiling and crown molding with the a white flat ceiling paint.  The walls are painted with Pebbles by Pratt and Lambert in a eggshell.  The bottom bead board I sprayed with Benjamin Moore's White Dove in a satin to help with clean up from little hands.  
Now I need to find my light fixtures, I am dragging my feet as I don't know what I want.  Don't mind all my husbands wires for his surround sound, I just need to find a way to conceal them now aka a big piece of furniture to slide into the nook.  We are waiting on carpet and then the fun or decorating begins!

Happy Weekend Everyone



  1. Um...Gorgeous! Can I come live in your basement?! Haha

  2. what a difference! it looks amazing!

  3. WOW ~ this looks awesome!! So fresh, I can see why you're excited.. love the bead board. Have a great weekend!

  4. I'm curious what kind of bead board you used. Was it something from Home Depot or Lowe's or a lumber yard. I know true bead board can be quite thick and heavy. I know because I had some removed from my 1922 house. Sorry, hard to - bathroom had to be gutted. But, there's bead board back now.



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