Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Bed's Up For Grabs!

I love when I find a true vintage bed that needs a little love!  

This bed was no exception of that.  Look at the beautiful lines and fun details!  She was calling out for some love and a new look.

I love to refinish old furniture:
1. it is usually solid wood and it built so well.  
2. it has so much character and charm
3. it is one of a kind

With some sanding and a new coat of paint this bed is a beauty and ready for a new home!

I didn't want to take away from the fun design of this bed.  I painted it a soft shabby pink and accented with a cream color.  It is slightly distressed and glazed to help bring out the beds own charm.

This is a full bed and it comes with rails. 
 It is for sale. for more info see my Furniture For Sale tab!

King Headboard
The credit has to go to my husband for finding this bed.  This beauty had been sitting in the classifieds for almost a month when he found the ad, and I am so glad he did!

I know she isn't very beautiful right now, but as always a little bit of paint can go a long ways!!

Here is the finished product!  She is so beautiful!  I love how all the details pop now.  

I painted this bed with Benjamin Moore's White Dove and then I used my stain glaze to antique it (tutorial here)  This is my favorite way to glaze right now, that may change in a month but for now we will ride the wave!

This bed is also for Sale and can be found in my Furniture For Sale tab!!




  1. That king one is GORGEOUS!!!

  2. Gorgeous! I love the detail on the white one....but they both look great!

  3. Thanks for your comment! But....um....YOU are the talented one!!!! I love what you do! I have been searching for a cool headboard but haven't had any luck so far! They are both fabulous!



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