Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Pedestal Table with 6 Chairs!!

I love Pedestal tables after they are painted!  My husband usually finds my furniture for me, as I always seem to run out of time.  Trying to balance being a mom, wife and fitting in refinishing furniture at times can often be challenging.  But painting seems to be my escape I need and keeps the wheels in my head spinning!  

I don't love to paint chairs, they are so time consuming and I am always worried about my paint running on the spindles!  However my husband LOVES to buy pedestal tables, probably because they seem to sell well.  As they are very versatile and without the leaf they are great for small spaces!  Even though I don't love to paint chairs(I don't hate to paint them either they are just not my first choice)I always love the outcome!  They are so pretty, and this style of chair is stunning painted!

This table is a soft Taupe color with a brown glazed wiped all over.  I also distressed this table to add character and help with wear and tear.  Tables are one of our more used pieces of furniture and seem to take the hardest beating.  
With a piece being distressed when it gets dinged it isn't as noticeable and blends into the current distressed look.  

This table always has a fun stamped design on the apron of the table, it really adds a sense of elegance.

This table is for sale please see my Furniture For Sale Tap at the top of the page for my details!



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  1. This is so beautiful! I really want to paint my dining room set, but as you mentioned, I'm worried about how it will hold up. I love the distressing tip. Any other tips for making sure the paint job holds up? I popped over from The DIY Dreamer-- thanks for sharing!

    ~Abby =)



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